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Colorimeter APP = Scientific paper published!!

We are very proud!!

This week we occasionally find a scientific paper published by our customers and we are very proud of their work! They used our colorimeter app to develop high-impact science applications. Do like them and create a world with more innovation!

 Springer copyrights

Ravindranath, R., Periasamy, A.P., Roy, P. et al. Anal Bioanal Chem (2018) 410: 4555.

Methylene, blue Mercury Photocatalyst, Photo-degradation, Smartphone app, TiO2–Au nanospheres 


 Google Play Store

Google play store

domingo, 31 de janeiro de 2016

Color analysis tutorial

Color analysis tutorial

 Get it on Google Play !

** New function LIVE SCAN was released! **
Measure colors in real time and save your favorite colors!
Also, export your color palletes to Excel (.xls)!

Step 1. Choose your target.
Step 2. The app will show on real time the target color.
Step 3. If you want save the color using camera button!
Step 4. Go to export data to send your color palletes list!

domingo, 20 de dezembro de 2015

Portable colorimeter. Measure color. Measure quality.

If you need to measure color outside the laboratory, take the Colorimeter APP. Measure samples on the plant production floor, in storage areas, shipping departments or virtually anywhere that is convenient. No more running back and forth between the production line and the lab.The APP promotes one-touch operation, so sample measurements are taken in seconds.

Simply open the camera, choose your target and get the color parameters such as CIE LAB, Chroma, Hueº, RGB, color names, real time visible spectra (400nm to 700nm). Also, you can open images from your gallery to measure colors and explore all your captured colors on the list saved in app.

 Get it on Google Play !

Google Play Download #androidEXCLUSIVE

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Lab tools apps.

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 Get it on Google PLay!

Ever thought about improve performance on laboratory analysis?
You can do this using your android!


Portable colorimeter app
Measure colors (Visible spectrum 400-700nm, CIE La*b*, RGB, Color names, dE*, HEX and more!)


Color analysis app (scientific tool)
Convert and export(.xls) -> CIE Lab to Chroma,HUE,RGB, Color lists and export all data to Excel file!

Acidity calculator (scientific tool)*Free
Export your titration values calculated to Excel file, easy and quickly!

Best wishes,
Research Lab Tools
Android apps for Science!

quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2015

Color and acidity analysis using android apps

We know that the laboratory routine is not easy.
Therefore, we have developed tools to improve your performance in color analysis using colorimeter and acidity by titration analysis.

For analysis using colorimeter by downloading our app, you will no longer need to write and convert the CIE La * b * to Chroma and HUE anymore!
In addition, the app allows you to export your complete data via Excel spreadsheet (.xls)!
Another advantage is to check the color measured by the colorimeter directly on your android screen and go following the whole behavior of your samples!

When performing titration analysis, take together our app! With it you have saved and calculates the acidity of your samples instantly!
Of course, you can also export all!

Wants more? We have.
Perform measurements of any object around you using our Colorimeter app.
With it you can see the colors, the name of colors, various parameters such as RGB, La * b *, HEX, visible spectrum (400nm-700nm), dE, save everything and more!

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sábado, 10 de outubro de 2015

How to use colorimeter app: Get RGB, colors from pictures

How to use Colorimeter

Select the target (6) and press camera button (5).

1. Zoom out
2. Zoom in
3. Flash on/off
4. Picked colors
5. Shot to pick color
6. Select the target to measure the color.

Moment 1. Is your picked color
Moment 2. Is your last picked color to compare
Graph. Is your last six colors in nm

segunda-feira, 21 de setembro de 2015

Digital tools for researchers


 Color analysis - Google Play

Color analysis 

This app will help people who are using Colorimeter Minolta CIE L * a * b.

- Summary of features -

Converts CIE L * a * b RGB, XYZ and HEX.
Calculates Chromaticity and HUE angle.
View the color of samples on the screen!
Presents all your data in an Excel spreadsheet (.xls)!
Export data via email or Bluetooth, USB etc.
It does not use wifi or 3g to work.

Get it on Google Play!


 Acidity - Google Play

Titration analysis - APP

Export your titration values calculated to Excel file, easy and quickly!

Get it on Google Play:


 Colorimeter - Google Play


 -CIE La*b*
 -Total colour difference (ΔE∗) (Moment 1 - Moment 2)
 -Color names
 -Save measured colors
 -Show measured color list

How to use:
To start measuring colors, keep the crosshair on your color target and press camera button to capture. Moment 1, will show your color. Moment 2, will show your last color measured to compare. Also, you can see your color list with all measured colors.

Get it on Google Play!

 Get it on Google Play!