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How to predict concentrations using smartphone camera



Colorimeter: Wine in water example

Getting started

1. Collecting and saving samples

First of all, you will need to grab some colors, in our example we have collected 3 samples of wine in different percentages in pure water. We also have standardized the environment light, positioned the samples in front of our target and clicked in the bottom button to save. We also have attributed a name for each sample to quick found in the database later.
Sample name "1": 10% of wine in water.

Sample name "5": 50% of wine in water.

Sample name "111": 100% wine.

2. Creating one application using Creator Studio

Once we have a few samples in our database, we can navigate to Create application, and there we can click in 'plus' button to start application creation. Type a name, in our example is Wine %.


After created, click in your application name, and you will have 3 new tab's. Database, Inputs and Train. In Database tab you can search for the samples that you have saved before. Click on each of them one by one and insert the reference/known value (Y) that you want to predict in the future.


Once you have finished the reference values attribution, in Inputs you will be able to see all of your selected samples. Then just go to Train, select your desired X input type (Hue,R,G or B) and click Train Model button. Now you will be able to see the results, then just click save using top button in toolbar.


3. Using your application in real time

To use your new application, go to menu and navigate to Use in Real Time, and start measuring your new samples. Here the model will make the predictions automatically and will produce a blue line of each predicted value. You also can set manually a upper and lower limit if you want.

In the example bellow, we can see our model make predictions of each wine % in water in real time!!!


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New research published using our app Colorimeter!

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Evaluation of Tarsus Pigmentation in Chickens Fed with our app Colorimeter!

International Journal of Poultry Science ISSN 1682-8356 DOI: 10.3923/ijps.2020.265.269

Background and Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate a method to assess dermis pigmentation in broiler chickens in response to xanthophyll pigment inclusion in their feed. Materials and Methods: Ninety-six Cobb 500 birds were distributed in a completely randomized design and fed with different diet treatments, including 0.30, 0.50 and 0.90 g kg1 of xanthophyll pigment extract from marigold, or a control diet without pigment inclusion. On 42th day, the pigmentation of the dermis was evaluated. For this study, the DSM® colorimetric score and CIELab system were used for comparative evaluations, the luminosity (L), redness (a*) and yellowness (b*) of the tarsus skin were recorded. The data obtained using both methods were subjected to Pearson’s correlation analysis. The CIELab data were subjected to ANOVA, Tukey test was used to compare the treatments mean. The non-parametric data were compared using the Kruskal–Wallis test. The software R was used for statistical analysis. Measurements: On the 42th day, a subjective evaluation of the degree of tarsus pigmentation of each bird in vivo was performed using the DSM® fan colorimetric method to score pigmentation by visual comparison on a scale of one to fifteen, with ascending values proportional to the degree of pigmentation, according to the indications suggested by the DSM Pigmentation Guidelines.By using the CIELab system, images were captured with a simple smartphone camera (16 Mpx.), three replicates of each reference point were analyzed by the colorimeter app version 3.5.2 (Research Lab Tools, Sao Paulo, Brazil)14, which used the pixel color variations on the tarsal surface to determine pigmentation in the real scale. The brightness (L), red (a*) intensity and yellow (b*) intensity were recorded, obtaining positive values from 0-100.
Results: The results showed a higher correlation (p<0.01) with the yellow spectrum (b* = 0.72) and a greater sensitivity with a significant effect (p<0.01) in response to pigment inclusion. Conclusion: A practical application of the CIELab spectrum has the capacity to evaluate skin pigmentation “in vivo” in broiler chicks with different levels of pigmentation.

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Colorimeter APP = Scientific paper published!!

We are very proud!!

This week we occasionally find a scientific paper published by our customers and we are very proud of their work! They used our colorimeter app to develop high-impact science applications. Do like them and create a world with more innovation!

 Springer copyrights

Ravindranath, R., Periasamy, A.P., Roy, P. et al. Anal Bioanal Chem (2018) 410: 4555.

Methylene, blue Mercury Photocatalyst, Photo-degradation, Smartphone app, TiO2–Au nanospheres 


 Google Play Store

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Color analysis tutorial

Color analysis tutorial

 Get it on Google Play !

** New function LIVE SCAN was released! **
Measure colors in real time and save your favorite colors!
Also, export your color palletes to Excel (.xls)!

Step 1. Choose your target.
Step 2. The app will show on real time the target color.
Step 3. If you want save the color using camera button!
Step 4. Go to export data to send your color palletes list!

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Portable colorimeter. Measure color. Measure quality.

If you need to measure color outside the laboratory, take the Colorimeter APP. Measure samples on the plant production floor, in storage areas, shipping departments or virtually anywhere that is convenient. No more running back and forth between the production line and the lab.The APP promotes one-touch operation, so sample measurements are taken in seconds.

Simply open the camera, choose your target and get the color parameters such as CIE LAB, Chroma, Hueº, RGB, color names, real time visible spectra (400nm to 700nm). Also, you can open images from your gallery to measure colors and explore all your captured colors on the list saved in app.

 Get it on Google Play !

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All the best,
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