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 Color analysis - Google Play

Color analysis 

This app will help people who are using Colorimeter Minolta CIE L * a * b.

- Summary of features -

Converts CIE L * a * b RGB, XYZ and HEX.
Calculates Chromaticity and HUE angle.
View the color of samples on the screen!
Presents all your data in an Excel spreadsheet (.xls)!
Export data via email or Bluetooth, USB etc.
It does not use wifi or 3g to work.

Get it on Google Play!


 Acidity - Google Play

Titration analysis - APP

Export your titration values calculated to Excel file, easy and quickly!

Get it on Google Play:


 Colorimeter - Google Play


 -CIE La*b*
 -Total colour difference (ΔE∗) (Moment 1 - Moment 2)
 -Color names
 -Save measured colors
 -Show measured color list

How to use:
To start measuring colors, keep the crosshair on your color target and press camera button to capture. Moment 1, will show your color. Moment 2, will show your last color measured to compare. Also, you can see your color list with all measured colors.

Get it on Google Play!

 Get it on Google Play!

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