quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2015

Color and acidity analysis using android apps

We know that the laboratory routine is not easy.
Therefore, we have developed tools to improve your performance in color analysis using colorimeter and acidity by titration analysis.

For analysis using colorimeter by downloading our app, you will no longer need to write and convert the CIE La * b * to Chroma and HUE anymore!
In addition, the app allows you to export your complete data via Excel spreadsheet (.xls)!
Another advantage is to check the color measured by the colorimeter directly on your android screen and go following the whole behavior of your samples!

When performing titration analysis, take together our app! With it you have saved and calculates the acidity of your samples instantly!
Of course, you can also export all!

Wants more? We have.
Perform measurements of any object around you using our Colorimeter app.
With it you can see the colors, the name of colors, various parameters such as RGB, La * b *, HEX, visible spectrum (400nm-700nm), dE, save everything and more!

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